i. Taxonomy:
ii. Synonyms:
Rhytina instead of Rytina (Old Greek: rytis resp. rhytis = wrinkle) is a later spelling*)Heptner, 1974. Generic name Hydrodamalis upheld in preference to Rhytina by International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature, 1925, Opinion 90, Smithson. Misc. Colls 73(3):39.
Morskaja Korowa (sea cow), Borkentier (bark animal), Kapustnik (cabbage eater), North Pacific Seacow, Great Northern Seacow, Kukh su ’kh tukh (Attu)*)Domning 2007, and many other popular names.

iii. Holotype:
Species was first described 1742 by Steller on Bering Island. A first classification was untertaken by E. A. W. Zimmermann 1780 in "Geographische Geschichte des Menschen, und der allgemein verbreiteten vierfüßigen Thiere", where he named it Manati gigas. A holotype has never been established.
Heptner looks forward to "a thorough examination of the species"*)translated from Heptner & Naumov 1974, S. 24.
Domning wrote : "No type specimens have ever been designated, nor is it necessary to designate any at this time."*)1978, S. 93
None of the available skeletons can be considered exemplary. The following nearly complete specimens have been described in great detail (see Literature List):