Stejneger-DrawingSteller makes first measurement of a sea cow
(from a drawing by Stejneger)

In the year 1741 the German medicus and naturalist Georg Wilhelm Steller discovered the Giant Seacow of the icy Northern Pacific. Only 27 years later unscrupulous hunters had exterminated the species. So Steller remained the only zoologist who witnessed the animal.
There is not much recent literature about this fabulous beast. However, a lot has been written in previous centuries. The discovery of Steller's Seacow once made the headlines and fascinated scientists and laymen alike.
I have aimed to arrange the many bits of information in a logical sequence, and added rare historic illustrations.
Our subject involves several Sciences. I suggest that you choose from the menu what is of special interest to you, and I hope that thereafter you are motivated to stay on and browse the remaining chapters.

Hans Rothauscher
Juli 2010    

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