Some Recent Reconstruction Attempts
1. Sculptures
Plastik in Braunschweig

The 1:2 Braunschweig model shows a rather slim animal.
Photo H. Rothauscher
The forelegs are too long and flipper-like*)"the arms are something like claws", Steller, de bestiis ...

Plastik in Mailand
... same as in the 1:50 Milan Model created by Valter Fogato (shown here in a more horizontal position), the tail segment is probably too voluminous and dolphin-like*)"The tail grows perceptibly thinner toward the fin.", Steller, de bestiis.
Larger photo on Valter Vogato's Page.

Papier-mâché sculpture in the Oceanarium Vladivostok, created 1996 by K. Kuzmin and S. Zaitsev, photo by Evgeniy Novomodniy.

Plastik von W. Monteleone

52" Sculpture "Stella II and Antha" by William Monteleone, 1997

Plastik in Dresden

1:1 Model in Dresden, created 1999 by Dieter Luksch, Munich
Photo H. Rothauscher

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